Julie’s story started with heartbreak, but you have helped bring love and stability. 

When Julie was very young, her mother abandoned her and her father. Fishing was the only skill her papa knew, so he would go to ocean daily. 

Tragically, when she was just seven years old, he drowned. 

Extended family came to mourn the loss and comfort Julie, but a question remained: who would care for this little girl? Every family member considered the possibility, but because they were barely surviving on their own, they knew they were not able to provide for another.


Julie was scared. Malaria had taken over her body, and the fever blisters in her mouth ached.

Who would care for her? Who would meet her needs? Who would help alleviate her suffering?

Jariatu, one of the caregivers at Lifegate Children’s Home heard of the young girl’s difficulty and offered to help; she scooped up sweet Julie, bathed her, gave her medicine, enrolled her in school, and loved her like any mother would.

Today, Julie is stronger, healthier, and happier. She’s first in her class, has the best laugh, and is completely ornery. She’s unrecognizable from three years ago.

We’re thankful that God used a Lifegate Employee to bring this precious young lady to a place where she would feel safe, loved, and valued. 

We’re especially grateful for partners like you who enable us to do life-changing work. Had it not been for your prayers, service, and support, Julie might have perished.

It costs nearly $2,000 a month to meet the needs of Julie and the 13 other orphans at Lifegate Children’s Home. Would you please consider giving a year-end gift to help us provide for Julie and others impacted by Lifegate?

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