Join us on October 28 for a day that’ll put hair on your chest. Our time will last from 8-5, starting at MTM Range in Athens, IL. Cost for the event is $100, and it covers all expenses (except ammunition). Only 20 spots are available, so reserve your place today. Must be over 21 to participate. The day will include:

Pistol Marksmanship
We'll be doing a bullseye competition using different targets at different distances, that will sometimes be timed.

Pipe & Cigar Smoking
We'll be hearing from a local tobacco connoisseur, and we'll spend some time enjoying our pipes and cigars before lunch. 

Wood-Fired Cooking
We'll learn four cooking techniques, all of which are fueled by burning oak: Primitive Asado (Argentine Style), Flat Argentine Style, Uruguayan (South American Style), and Wood-Fired Pizza.

We'll learn various tips and techniques from an experienced whittler, and then we'll put our newly acquired skills to work.

We'll learn the methods of a master blacksmith, and we'll watch as he manipulates metal with heat and brute force.

If you'd like to reserve your spot online, please click the button below:

If you'd like to reserve your spot by mail, please send a check* to:

Lifegate in Africa
PO Box 126
Athens, IL 62613

*Please make checks payable to "Lifegate"; on the memo line, please write "Being a Man".

For those who are attending, keep this in mind:

You'll need to bring a handgun (firearms are available to rent at MTM), ammunition (ammunition is available for purchase at MTM), a case for handgun and ammunition, a pocket knife for whittling (wood for whittling will be provided), and your favorite pipe, tobacco and/or cigars (some pipes, tobacco, and cigars will be on hand for use).

There will be some doughnuts and coffee to snack on in the morning. For lunch, we'll be having steak and vegetable kabobs, BBQ ribs, a baked potato, green beans with bacon, and pizza. Finally, for desert, we'll be having peaches in port with ice cream, a wood-fired south African dish.