Take Action

Are you looking for a way to partner with our ministry that doesn't involve writing a check today? Consider the options below:


Orphans in Sierra Leone, Africa need food. We can help feed them by cashing in aluminum cans. The atomic number for aluminum on the periodic table is 13. Are you seeing how we came up with Orphan13? For more info, click here.

Project AL

What is the most common metal on earth? Aluminum. And we're using it to fund life-changing education for people on the other side of the planet. If your business or church is interested in participating in project AL by saving soda cans to educate the poor in Sierra Leone, fill out this form or contact our Director of Partnerships, Chance. 


Do you have any old gadgets lying around in a drawer? Why not pass them along to us? We'll cash them in to support Lifegate, and you get a tax deduction! Call (1-319-849-5433) or email us to see if your device is eligible.

With some of your free time, would you mind addressing envelopes, applying stamps, running a few errands, helping at a special event, or doing a little data entry on the computer? Those are just a few of the areas where we could use your help. If you'd like to volunteer some of your time so that the people of Sierra Leone could benefit, visit our Facebook page specifically set up for volunteers (and don't forget to turn on notifications!). Additionally, email us and let us know your ready and willing!



Did you know that drinking milk here in the U.S. can help educate kiddos, provide for orphans, and spread the Gospel in Sierra Leone, West Africa? It's true! Prairie Farms does this cool thing where they donate 5 cents to the charity of your choice when a milk cap is redeemed, and Lifegate is now a member of their team! To read about the process, click here. To redeem caps and support Lifegate, click here (be sure to choose "Lifegate in Africa" from the list!).

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