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Recently, a stranger named Papa Sesay showed up at Brigitte Church to chop down weeds. One of our missionaries, Sarah, visited with him and learned that he was a devout Muslim. She tried to offer him a little money for his hard work, but he declined. Since that day, Papa Sesay has been at every church service and prayer meeting. Papa Sesay told us, “You have kindness in your church. That’s why I’ve stayed.”

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As you read this, Rick, Paula, Grace, and Faith are settling in at home in Sierra Leone. Their furlough back in the US was both renewing and encouraging, but also exhausting. They found themselves in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, California, and everywhere in between! A highlight of their journey was participating in Paula’s mom’s 80th birthday celebration!  Thank you to those who prayed, hosted, and visited!


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The ladies at the church in Brigitte Village are planning a fundraiser for the coming months. Their hope is to raise  enough funds to host a Spiritual Retreat for the ladies of the community. Each woman at the church has been giving a special offering of $5,000 Le (+/- 66 cents) per week, as their personal contributions. We’re proud to say this campaign was entirely started by the women of the church!

Rick and Paula ask that you would pray for their family as they adjust to a ‘new normal’ in Sierra Leone! 

Tyler and Sarah ask that you would pray God’s protection over their family; they’re experiencing attacks on many fronts.

Chance and Ginger ask that you would pray for the boys (Nasko, Edward, and Louis), as they transition back to school. 

Lifegate asks that you would pray for the students at our schools (elementary schools, grade schools, and Bible Telling School). Pray that the students would learn all they can to better themselves and glorify God.

If you would like to give online, go here: www.lifegateinafrica.org/donate

If you would like to mail a check*, please send it to: 
          Lifegate in Africa // P.O. Box 126 // Athens, IL 62613

Lastly, if you would like to give a personal gift to Rick and Paula, Tyler and Sarah, or Chance and Ginger, please call 1-217-652-5621.