At Lifegate, we do three things: love the people, share the Gospel, and disciples the believers of Sierra Leone. We have three arms or branches to help us accomplish these goals.

children's education

In our schools the kids are not only taught their ABCs and their 123s, but they also learn about Jesus; God and His Word are the foundation of their education.

orphan care

Lifegate Children's Home is located in Brigitte Village, and fourteen children it home. We work tirelessly to provide them with food, clothing, medicine and education. Furthermore, they are actively involved in the local church, and they spend time together reading God's Word and praying.

sharing of god's word & Life Skills

Lifegate's goal is to share stories from the Bible and teach life skills throughout all of Sierra Leone. To accomplish this, we do three things: First, our pastors share the Scriptures in their churches through storytelling. Second, we are telling stories from the Bible five days a week on the radio. Third, in addition to teaching God's Word at our Bible Telling Schoo, we are also teaching sewing (a life skill in Sierra Leone). 

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