The best way to visualize who Lifegate is involves picturing a tree with three branches. At our core, base, or trunk, is education. It is our objective to educate the men, women, and children of Sierra Leone in God's stories and life skills. From that base of education, three arms or branches spread out to help us minister to the people. 

children's education

Lifegate Pre-Primary School is located in a small settlement called Brigitte Village, and it has around 80 children enrolled. These kids are not only taught their ABCs and their 123s, but they also learn about Jesus; God and His Word are the foundation of their education.

orphan care

Lifegate Children's Home is also located in Brigitte Village. Ten children call LCH home. We work tirelessly to provide them with food, clothing, medicine and education. Furthermore, they are actively involved in the local church, and they spend time together reading God's Word and praying.

sharing of god's word

Lifegate's goal is to share stories from the Bible throughout all of Sierra Leone. To accomplish this, we do two things: First, our pastors travel weekly from place to place, sharing the Scriptures through storytelling; the members of the churches are growing in their knowledge of God, and they are gaining confidence as they retell the stories they have heard. Second, we are telling stories from the Bible five days a week on the radio. Each evening, for an hour, all listeners are hearing God's Word end can call in for advice or to offer input.

In the future, we hope to open whats called a Bible Telling School (BTS). This will be a place where people learn: 1.) How to tell the stories of the Bible; 2.) A trade so that they can provide for themselves and their family. Then, when an individual graduates, he/she would be a bi-vocational missionary and possess the ability to be self-sustainable while sharing the Gospel.

While we currently rent airtime from a local radio station, we would eventually love to build our own facility. If we are able to do this, not only will we play Christian music, we will also tell Bible stories for tens of thousands of people to hear. In addition, we will also offer classes on the air so that people in very remote places can learn the Bible Telling Method. We are a long ways away from this project becoming a reality, but if you'd like to help us get there, click here.

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