Did you just upgrade your phone or tablet? If so, do you have your old device just collecting dust bunnies in a drawer? Listen up: You can help out Lifegate by cashing it in. Go here to start the process.


Gazelle is an online trade in service for used consumer electronics like iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, Android devices, and many other smartphones and tablets. Once you mail your device in (shipping paid by Gazelle!), Gazelle will pay Lifegate for your used gadget. 

We just think this is so cool! Rather than discard a device you no longer need, Gazelle provides original owners with an opportunity to exchange so that Lifegate International benefits. Finally, once the device arrives in Gazelle's hands, the device is then given new life and value elsewhere. 

If you would like see if any of your old devices are eligible, visit Gazelle!