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Back in March, I (Chance) lead a team of four to Sierra Leone. It was so good to worship with the people in church, learn tie-dying techniques from the students at the Bible Telling School, play with kids in various villages, eat “meat” from a homemade BBQ at the market, and hang out with cool kids at the orphanage like Mabinty! Thank you for your prayers and support; the team and I loved serving. If you’d like to go on a missions trip in the future, email me at:


It’s only 10:30 AM as I (Chance) write this, and already I’ve read news articles on my phone, handwritten notes in my planner, and emails on my computer. Just as reading is an essential life skill here, it is an essential life skill in Sierra Leone, too; tragically though, most people don’t know how. Because of this great need, Lifegate started teaching literary classes in Brigitte Village in January of this year. The adult students in the class were so proud to show of their abilities the day I visited. With smiles on their faces, they sang the alphabet, pointed out vowels, and sounded out words. It was inspiring! We are excited to see what these ladies go and accomplish with their newly acquired skill.


Why is it so difficult to get the kids to participate in an art project? This is what Sarah Miller, one of our missionaries, asked herself. Kids in the United States usually fall all over themselves at the opportunity to color, paint or draw, but not the kids in Sierra Leone. Why?

Sarah eventually learned that the sweet children she was working with hadn’t been given the opportunity to be creative before. Their lives were consumed with the essentials: food, water, and shelter. What time did they have to use their imaginations?

Slowly though, things have changed for the better. Because Sarah travels monthly to each of Lifegate’s schools, tells a Bible story, and leads a corresponding art project, creativity has begun to blossom. In many ways, these kids are able to finally able to be kids.

Donor Appreciation Picnic
Lifegate wants you to know how grateful we are for your love and support. Would you consider joining us for a good ol' fashioned picnic at 3:00 PM on Sunday, June 25th at Athens Community Park (210 Dottie Bednarko Drive)? We’ll spend the afternoon hanging out, eating, and celebrating all that God has done in the past year. Lifegate will be providing hotdogs, bratwursts, and drinks, and each family is asked to bring a side or dessert. Parents, there’s no need to worry: the park has a large play area with swings, slides, and other equipment! If you plan on coming, please bring any lawn chairs or outdoor games that you'd like to have! Finally, to RSVP, call/text (1-217-652-5621) or email ( Finally, our missionaries from Sierra Leone, Rick and Paula, will be joining us!

Camps & VBS
Our busiest summer yet is upon us! We will be traveling to Kewanee, IL for VBS (June 5-9), Mississippi Valley Christian Service Camp in Pittsfield, IL (June 11-16), Waverly, IL for VBS (June 23), and Montgomery Christian Service Camp in Carlinville, IL (July 16-21 & July 23-28). Teaching young people about the global reality of God’s Kingdom is of utmost importance to us; if we can help open their hearts now, who knows how God will use them in the future! Check out some of our pictures from last summer’s travels!

We’ve learned that we are an outdoor family. It doesn’t matter if we’re picking up sticks, playing badminton, kicking a ball, or just sitting by the fire, we love to be outside. And we’ve had even more reason to be in the yard seeing that one of our cats had five babies; we’re happy to welcome Haja, Violet, Yeti, Sesame, and Brownie to the family! 

Chance has enjoyed the change in the weather, particularly because he can go outside and work on projects! His latest endeavor: a DIY wood-fired pizza oven! If he asks Ginger’s opinion on one more brick color though, they’ll need counseling! Also, he’s excited to start his Verse By Verse podcast again soon!

A couple months ago Ginger, spoke at a local church to a group of women on perseverance in difficult times. Then, just a couple weeks ago, she led a class at a women’s conference in Decatur, IL on how to use social media to share your faith. What’s more, she has plans to start her own podcast where she interviews friends concerning life’s defining moments. We all hope that she doesn’t forget about the little people when she’s famous!

There’s no way to say it nicely: Nasko (10) has been having a difficult time lately. He’s been acting out at both at school and his residence. We’re hoping changes in behavioral strategies will help. Additional, we are working towards getting him moved to Springfield, IL (to The Hope Institute). Please pray with us.

There’s only one thing that Edward (5) loves more than Jesus: Florida. He nearly abandoned us at the end of our spring break vacation. And now that we’re home, he wants to know when we’re going back. His ideal life is eating fish, lounging on the beach, and playing in the pool. 


To say that Louis loves the kittens would be an understatement. He adores them. He treasures them. His favorite of the new babies is Yeti. Louis will often announce, “I go see the kitties. I go see Yeti. Bye!” as he heads out the door. Could Louis’ summer get any better? Why yes it can! Chocolate Milk, another one of our cats, is prego! 



All of you help make our world go ‘round, including Yeti’s! Thank you for your love and support!


- The Newinghams

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