Here's a quick look at what's been going on for Lifegate in the month of April:

Bathrooms and shower almost done! Two unisex stalls and one shower will soon be completed at the Church in Brigette Village. The people of the congregation (and the kids at the preschool) are very excited to have a facility of their own!

Zinc roof ready to be purchased. Thanks to generous donors, enough money was raised this month to put a zinc roof on one of Lifegate's unoccupied orphan homes. When the building is complete, we'll be able to care for at least 6 more orphans!

New Lifegate display. After several years of using the same table-top exhibit at various churches, we decided it was time for an update; we now have new fabric, new carvings, updated pictures, and hot-off-the-press brochures! To see it in the flesh, send us an email and invite us over!

If you'd like to give a gift, click here.