Are you interested in going to Sierra Leone on a missions trip?

Great, we’d love to have you! 

It’s all good, we can still be friends! 

If you do want to go, the two big questions you probably have revolve around date and cost, so let’s get that out of the way! 

We don't have the official dates of the trip locked in yet, but we know it will take place sometime in May of 2018.

We estimate the cost to be $3,000 per person. It’s possible for it to be lower (depending on options we choose regarding food, personal vaccines, entertainment, etc.), but this is a good ceiling to consider. (Please know that never in all my experience of leading trips has someone not been able to go because of a lack of funding. Our God will provide!)

As for other questions you may have beyond dates and cost, they probably can be answered by checking the PDF linked here. If you have more questions, email and ask away! 

And finally, after looking at the dates and the estimated cost, if you are interested in going, please email me back and let me know!

Chance M. Newingham
Director of Partnerships