As we begin this new year, we have a confession to make: we're in the red, and we need help getting out.

We know! We know! Dave Ramsey would not be happy.

Here's the deal though: over the past several months, not only have the expenses for the fourteen kiddos at Lifegate Children's Home increased, but some of those who have supported in the past are unable to continue in the future. Therefore, we need some help.

Here's what it comes down to: we're in need of 7 (previously 11!) at $30 a month. If we can find new families and individuals to partner with us, it would take care of our gap completely. 


Your support would help buy things like school supplies, medicine, and shoes for these kids.

Would you please consider partnering with Lifegate and these precious children? For those who support, you will receive regular updates and pictures for all the kids so that you can stay up to date on their lives! 

Your sacrifice here helps us provide the food, clothing, medicine, and education the kids need. Click the button below to give!