Edna with Kiddos

When Edna got the news, she was devastated. 

Her sister was gone forever. 

Weeks and weeks of rain made the ground unstable, and her sister had been swept away in a mudslide.

And what about her niece and nephew? Who would take care the kids who just lost their momma?

Edna knew what she had to do; the little ones moved into her home at once. She vowed to feed them, clothe them, and love them.

Edna is able to provide for herself and her new additions because you have helped provided her with a job at Lifegate’s school in Bunga Wharf. And she’s able to worship her God and seek His sustaining power in the midst of tragedy because you have helped provide a church in her community. 

Would you help Lifegate in Africa bring hope to more people? Edna’s friends, family, neighbors, and community members need the same opportunities that have been afforded to Edna; they need to be told stories from the Bible, and they need to be taught life skills.

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