What We Do CONt'D

God's Stories


Over the past two decades, the Lord has revealed to Rick and Paula, the missionaries on the ground, the need for all people to carry the gospel.  Specifically, when they served in Liberia, they learned of a teaching method called Bible Story Telling. 

This technique involves studying curriculum that breaks the Bible down into 260 stories. Those stories are taught to the Africans, and then those men and women take the Good News to various villages. From a cultural level, sharing the Bible through stories has proven to be extremely effective, seeing that that much of their society and tradition revolves around the telling of stories. 




Life Skills


While knowing the Lord is the most important thing in life, being able to provide for yourself and your family is also of great significance. At Lifegate, in addition to teaching people God's Word, we also teach them how to work with their hands. In the future, clothes tailoring will be our first offering at the Bible Telling School. As the Lord provides, we will also teach cloth design, tie-dying, and construction. 

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