Fatmata's story

Thank you for bringing the Gospel to Fatmata.

Fatmata used to be a practicing Muslim. At one point while she was pregnant, one of the Lifegate pastors visited her village and told her he cared for her unborn child. He then asked to pray over her and her belly. 

Never had anyone shown her such tenderness.

Miscarriage and infant death are so prevalent in Sierra Leone. Most mothers wait until 4-5 months after a child is born before they will even give the baby a name, for fear of allowing themselves to become too attached.

For Fatmata, Pastor Lamin coming and expressing concern for her and her unborn baby was life-changing.


That very day, Fatmata placed her trust in the God who cares about unborn babies.

Eventually, Fatmata lost the baby late in her pregnancy. Yet, she has not lost her faith. Even through the loss, she has remained devoted to the God who has radically altered her life. Her culture tells her that the Lord took her unborn child to punish her for some past mistake, but she knows otherwise. She remains faithful.

This is Fatmata’s story. In the future, Lifegate also wants other villagers to learn of God’s care for mamas, unborn babies, and all people. We want to tell the people where to find hope, even in a country where death and suffering are common.

In 2017, we would like to bring the Gospel to others through the expansion of our ministry in Brigitte Village. Specifically, we desire to excavate the mountainous terrain so that our current church can be expanded to hold more people. The total cost for the groundwork is $15,000.

Fatmata came to know the Lord because of someone’s kindness, and we, Lifegate, are sustained by the kindness of others. Thank you for all that you do.

Would you consider a year-end donation to help bring about life-change for others like Fatmata? Her people desperately need to hear the Good News, and you can help bring it to them.

To see a video interview with Fatmata, click here.