Because living far from family, friends, and Amazon’s two-day shipping can be a total drag, we’d like to bring some happiness to Tyler, Sarah, Connor, Finn, and Sulli! Help us send some stuff and some laughs to our missionaries!

Here's what you do:

1. Check out Tyler and Sarah’s Wish List at: (If you don't have an Amazon account, but would like to help fill the barrel, click here to give a gift.).

2. Find something to buy, order it, and ship it to: PO Box 126, Athens, IL 62613.

3. Also, email a funny picture of yourself or your family to We’ll print the picture, package it with your gift, and ship it all in a barrel to Sierra Leone!

That's it! Thanks so much for loving the Millers in this way! Not only will you be you helping them by providing much needed items, you'll also be giving them some good ol' laughs!

All orders must be received by August 1, 2017.