We're $2,605 Short Every Month


We're $2,605 short per month when it comes to supporting our missionaries and operating our schools, orphanage, churches, radio program, and trade school. 

We do our best to make up this amount by organizing fundraisers, creating campaigns on Facebook, hosting trivia nights, etc.

Most months we make it. 
Some months we don't. 

If we were to get more monthly donors though, it would put our feet on solid ground.

We know what we're asking is significant, and we know that you have other monthly obligations, but know this: monthly support to Lifegate isn't like most other bills. 

If you were to partner with us, you'd not only be helping Sierra Leonians improve their quality of life by learning a trade, you'd also be introducing them to God's Word through stories.

Your monthly support would cause an eternal impact.

Right now, families support us monthly anywhere between $10 - $200; you'd be welcome to support at whatever amount you choose. 

Would you consider supporting Lifegate on a monthly basis? Click below or send us an email.

We want to continue to change people's lives in Sierra Leone, and to do that, we need your help.

Chance Newingham,
Director of Partnerships